Lennart Van der Goten
Collaborating PhD Researcher


Lennart Van der Goten is currently a Ph.D. student in Computer Vision at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, supervised jointly by Prof. Kevin Smith and Prof. Zeynep Akata. He received both his Bachelor and Master's degree from ETH Zurich where his final thesis was focused on a medical NLP task supervised by Prof. Carsten Eickhoff and Prof. Thomas Hofmann. During his time in Zurich he also worked at Disney Research in the field of computer graphics. After graduating, he embraced a two-year stint at SAP's Deep Learning of Excellence where he worked on tailoring neural networks to alleviate repetitive customer tasks.

His primary research interests lie in generative modeling, medical applications, large-scale machine learning and multi-modal learning.


  • "Conditional De-Identification of 3D Magnetic Resonance Images", Lennart Van der Goten, Tobias Hepp, Zeynep Akata, Kevin Smith, British Machine Vision Conference, BMVC 2021