Meghal Dani
PhD Researcher
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Meghal Dani is a Ph.D. candidate under CZS Breakthroughs programme at Eberhard Karl University of Tübingen. She is associated with EML and MIDAS lab under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Zeynep Akata and Prof. Dr. Med. Sergios Gatidis. After completing her bachelors in Computer Science Engineering at BIT Mesra in 2016, she joined IIIT Delhi for her masters majoring in Computational Biology (2017-2019). Since then she has been interested in developing modern deep learning systems in healthcare that have the potential to make diagnostic decisions of similar quality to attending doctors. She has worked as full-time researcher (2019-2021) at Tata Research and Innovation Labs in the area of Deep Learning and AI under the supervision of Senior Scientist Dr. Lovekesh Vig.

Her primary research interests are to address issues of transparency, robustness, interpretability, and reliability by combining vision and language models.